Q Holding Company manufactures products with consistently superior quality and performance for demanding global applications in a wide variety of industries. Whether medical, pharmaceutical, automotive or industrial, our goal is to provide our customers with the best-in-class products and components in the most cost-efficient manner possible.



Uniquely positioned with a full suite of development and production capabilities to serve companies throughout the world, Qure Medical concentrates on tight tolerance rubber and silicone molded components, silicone based sub-assemblies and packaged products for the following applications:

  • Medical Surgical
  • Fluid Management
  • Drug Delivery
  • Consumer Healthcare
  • Safety

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For decades, QSR has been a leading global provider of precision sealing and insulating solutions for the automotive, aerospace, HVAC, appliance and other industries. From concept to completion, QSR’s expertise brings outstanding value and quality to the development and production of these products:

  • Cable Seals
  • Electrical Connector Sealing Products
  • Electrical Insulating Products
  • Industrial Sealing Products
  • Custom Molded Solutions

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