Our Company

Q provides world class engineered and elastomeric solutions for the global life sciences, automotive and industrial markets. Offering state-of-the-art engineering support, materials science, exceptional production and quality systems, Q’s market-leading capabilities span the entire production cycle, from product concept through delivery.

Formed following a merger between Lexington Precision and QSR in 2012, Q serves global customers and markets from manufacturing sites across the U.S., Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, India and China.

Q is owned by 3i, a leading international investment manager focused on mid-market private equity, infrastructure and debt management across Europe, Asia and North America. For further information about 3i, please visit: www.3i.com.



  • 2019

    Qure Medical Becomes Part of Q Medical Devices

    Silicone Altimex Spun Out Into CTS BP Portfolio

  • 2018

    Q Medical Devices Formed from Degania, Biometrix and Arthesys

  • 2016

    QSR – Q Seals de Mexico launched

    Q Holding acquires Degania Silicone Ltd. and associated Degania Medical, Biometrix and Arthesys brands

  • 2015

    Q Seals de Mexico announced

    Q Holding acquires Silicone Altimex in UK

  • 2014

    3i acquires QSR and Qure Medical and forms Q Holding

    Qure acquires Tompkins Med

  • 2012

    IGP acquired QSR, rebrands Med Qure

  • 2011

    Lexington acquired by IGP PE

  • 2010

    QSR focuses China on EU & Asia

  • 2008

    QSR acquired by BPCP PE

  • 2005

    Company begins China production

  • 1996

    Engineering center opened

  • 1994

    Began serving medical device end market

  • 1966

    Company founded