Track Your QSR Shipment

Online tracking available for Twinsburg-based accounts only. For other QSR locations, select below for more information.

Your QSR Account Number can be found on your invoices and packing slips in the format of "1234-56"

For order tracking in Jasper, GA, contact your QSR customer service representative:

Vikki Stanger
[email protected]

For order tracking in Jasper, GA, contact your QSR customer service representative:

Vikki Stanger
[email protected]


Quality & Regulatory

An outstanding commitment to excellence is what makes Quality Synthetic Rubber (QSR) a partner you can trust. Through a systematic process of continuous improvement and performance optimization, QSR maintains a steadfast focus on providing customers with products that exceed expectations.

QSR operates the following:

2017 ASQ Proud Member Logo

QSR is a member of ASQ, the global knowledge network that links the best ideas, tools, and quality experts.

  • AS9100 and ISO/TS 16949 certified quality management programs
  • Environmental management system meeting ISO 14001 requirements
  • Product development methodology executed in accordance with AIAG APQP guidelines
  • Streamlined project management system providing full visibility and tracking of ongoing operations
  • Well-established LEAN Manufacturing program
  • Layered Process Audit System (LPA) to monitor manufacturing processes to ensure effectiveness
  • A sophisticated lot traceability system to control and record every step of the process

Automated Vision Inspection

With close to 100 automated vision inspection machines in production globally, QSR performs 100% attribute and/or dimensional inspection of many of its products.

Specialized vision systems are designed, fabricated and implemented in-house by QSR engineers. These engineers carefully monitor their operation to be certain each one collects accurate in-process data throughout every production run.

Work Management System

For quality parts delivered on time, QSR incorporates a custom Work Management System designed specifically for the company’s unique product launch and manufacturing processes.

This highly integrated system uses many avenues to improve communication throughout the production cycle, allowing key stakeholders to continuously monitor progress:

  • Facilitates interaction between managers and operators
    • Dashboards and process maps throughout plant keep entire facility informed
    • Real time text and email alerts require immediate action
    • Process audits provide consistency from shift to shift
  • Tracks key metrics, ensuring projects are on schedule
  • Allows easy creation of custom dashboards for specific projects
  • Inspection audits drive quality throughout the production process

Qualifications, Verification & Metrology

To ensure quality, precision parts, QSR strictly adheres to dimensional, technical and cosmetic specifications per customer specifications. By utilizing the latest non-contact vision measurement technology, QSR offers full dimensional capabilities for your product. In addition, customers can rest assured that the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is AIAG compliant.